Multitasking Overload and Brushing a baby’s gums and teeth

One very important routine in the evening after my wife leaves to work is “toothbrush time.”

So i was holding my 5 month old in my arms while brushing my other kids teeth.  I put toothpaste on the brush and while looking at myself in the bathroom mirror, I began brushing.  Something was strange. The child was not wiggling away as they usually would.  Then our 5 year old said in a gentle inquisitive voice, “Dad, your brushing the baby’s teeth!”  Mind you, she doesn’t have any.

If this happens to you just relax, it’s normal!  And funny too!

The best part was that she loved it.  It had a pacifying effect.

My wife told me that it probably felt great on her gums, as she has already began teething,

My advice, get a baby toothbrush, wet it with water, and brush their gums.

I heard that it can prevent issues with childhood teeth later on.

Toothpaste?…ask your Dentist.