The importance of properly swaddling/wrapping a baby.

With our first two kids we ignored it and we payed the price.  They were up every hour.  This time…much different.  Why?  It’s that great feeling of security and control.  Obviously this feeling of being wrapped up mimics that of being in side mother’s stomach.  I suggest even more.  Baby in their first few months are learning how to use their arms and legs.  They move alot, and while you may project on them that that know what they are moving and how to move it…they don’t.

Those extremities are are out of control and need to be swaddled!

Imagine a person lying down in bed and suddenly you arms starts moving around.  Wouldn’t you wake up.

Now for the wrapping technique:

Use a soft loose knit baby blanket, breathable stretchy and cotton.

1)Extend the blanket.

2)Fold the top third.

3)Make sure to wrap folded (red area) 2-3 times around the baby just below the shoulder bone tight.


This approach ensures extra support for the arms.

I’m not so concerned about the feet movement. I feel that if a baby kicks or lifts their feet it’s not involuntary, just gas.



  1. me says:

    You are awesome, dude!

    1. pinchcode says:

      Why, thank you!

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