Relaxing sounds, but for who?

One night with my newborn was quite crazy.  She just wouldn’t relax!

So i had to brainstorm.  I thought maybe she just needs some soothing background noise.

I quickly found a website called

After listening to some rainwater, she just fell immediately asleep.  I proceeded to order the CD.

This led me to wonder why this works so nicely?

Image the world the way it was at night time, lights out, crickets, howling wolves, and screaching owls.  These perpetual sounds, could sooth anyone to sleep.  The day is over, all is peaceful. (That is, of course, if its not too cold, hot, etc.)

Fast forward to 2014, artificial light, brain-racking silence, how could you sleep?

Sure cooing and rocking helps.

Truth be it, even if the baby is crying for other reasons, and cannot be soothed by sounds, the background noise still help.

It helps you!  Thats right! It’s 2AM, screaming baby. About to loose your cool.

Mute out the scream and focus on the rain drops.

Just calmly hold and rock the baby.  A calm parent is a must, at all times!

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